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ThinqDigital  Adobe Authorized Training

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Student Comments...

"I want to thank you for an excellent class.  I have taken a lot of computer classes and I have taught a lot of computer classes.  This was an excellent class.  The primary reason your training is so good is you know what you are talking about because you do it in the real world... ThinqDigital is the only place in this area to get training."
"I really enjoyed working in a PC platform on the iMac computer. The environment was very professional, yet laid back."
"I would definitely take another class with Rick Stone again if I have a need in any of his areas of expertise. He was able to answer my questions and I learned a lot that will really help my product."
"I was very impressed by the instructor's software knowledge and his passion for teaching us more than just the software package. There is definitely a sense of excitement with the group along with the unlimited possibilities for our next marketing project...Looking forward to our next class."
"Just wanted to say thank you for an excellent class.  I've been programming in AS3 and you were right, I won't even look back at AS2.  It has been a learning curve but the advanced code I am forced to work with has taught me a lot.  This guy in Florida who programmed our courses in AS3 did components, classes and all kinds of stuff that seems basic to me now.  It seems basic because you gave us a great class.  You gave us the foundation to understand this stuff.  The class works. "