ThinqDigital Adobe Authorized Training
ThinqDigital  Adobe Authorized Training

Foundations of JavaScript and jQuery (3/4 days)


The Foundations of JavaScript and jQuery course is for developers to gain a deeper understanding of the JavaScript programming language and its role in modern web and native application development. We will use the ubiquitous jQuery libraries to simplify the development of complex apps. The course is composed of many hands-on labs.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Getting Started with JavaScript

  • Course objectives
  • The Role of JavaScript
  • Programming Basics
  • Labs

Unit 2: Getting Started with jQuery

  • JavaScript libraries overview
  • jQuery Plug-ins
  • Understanding the DOM
  • Understanding Events
  • Animations and effects
  • Labs

Unit 3: Building Apps/Enhancing Web Pages

  • Working with images
  • Controlling navigation
  • Interactive interfaces
  • Labs

Unit 4: Advanced Topics in JavaScript/jQuery

  • AJAX and server-side interaction
  • Working with APIs
  • JavaScript deep dive
  • Labs






We're sorry. We currently do not have that class scheduled. Please contact us at 913-393-9856 or via e-mail if you are interested in this class.