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Fast Track to ColdFusion (3 days)


Fast Track to ColdFusion is designed to teach experienced web developers how to create dynamic, database-driven web applications using ColdFusion with Dreamweaver. The course is a task-based, with students learning by doing. During the 3-day class, students build a web application for a wholesale coffee company. Along with covering the basics of ColdFusion, the course focuses on best practices and design, stressing the importance of usability, optimization, and performance.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Course Overview

  • Course objectives.
  • Course prerequisites.
  • Format
  • Web applications: The next generation Internet.

Unit 2: Introducing ColdFusion

  • Advantages of dynamic web pages.
  • ColdFusion Markup Language.
  • ColdFusion components and features.

Unit 3: Getting Started

  • Working with ColdFusion.
  • Exploring Dreamweaver.
  • Developing ColdFusion Applications.
  • Creating ColdFusion variables.
  • Displaying variables.
  • Using ColdFusion functions.
  • Commenting code.

Unit 4: Publishing Database Content

  • Connecting to a database.
  • Querying a database table.
  • Viewing debug data.
  • Displaying database data.
  • Renaming query columns.
  • Using the Dynamic Table tool.
  • Additional information returned with queries.

Unit 5: Reusing Templates

  • Reusing code.
  • Including pages from a different directory.
  • Creating a ColdFusion mapping.
  • Using custom tags.
  • Using user-defined functions.
  • ColdFusion components.

Unit 6: Building Forms with ColdFusion

  • Understanding HTML forms.
  • Enabling debug output.
  • ColdFusion and forms.
  • Conditional processing.
  • Testing for form submission.
  • Evaluating form variables.

Unit 7: Building Search Interfaces

  • Using form data in dynamic queries.
  • Using multiple search criteria.
  • Text searches.
  • List searches.

Unit 8: Building a Drill-Down Interface

  • Using dynamic URL parameters.
  • Creating a data drill-down.

Unit 9: Inserting New Data.

  • Building an insert page.
  • Building an insert form page.
  • Server-side validation.
  • Building an insert action page.

Unit 10: Updating Data

  • Updating database data.
  • Building an update form page.
  • Pre-filling HTML forms.
  • Client-side validation.
  • Server-side versus client-side validation.
  • Building an update action page.

Unit 11: Securing an Application

  • Addressing the web’s statelessness.
  • The Application framework.
  • Application.cfm variables.
  • Securing applications.
  • Logging out.
  • Using the GetAuthUser and IsUserInRole functions.


We're sorry. We currently do not have that class scheduled. Please contact us at 913-393-9856 or via e-mail if you are interested in this class.